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Mining for treasure at Taz Records

Taz Records is packed with mountains of undiscovered vinyl that threaten to spill onto Grafton Street. Seamus Ryan, a vinyl enthusiast and patron of Halifax’s Taz Records, considers some of his past discoveries. “There’s a great Elmore James album that I discovered there – a real blues artist. Honestly, there’s lots of treasures, even with…

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Hidden gems of CKDU

Maybe it’s the 30,000 records. At 140 grams per unit, that’s more than four tons of vinyl. Nothing in the station looks like it belongs in this millennium, but Dalhousie’s campus radio station-cum-community beacon can contend for bragging rights among the crate-diggers about town. At CKDU, there’s a 10-by-14 foot room reserved for shelves upon…

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A brief history of records in Halifax

A Side: Back to Basics   It’s 1990 or 1991 and Run DMC is playing Halifax. DJ Jorun Bombay opens for them with his rap group Mod’rn World Thang. He plays a Beatles song off Sergeant Pepper to close the show, and when he steps off stage, Jam Master Jay bolts out of his dressing…

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