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Go vote, you crazy kids

Do you ride the bus? Do you like having your garbage picked up? Do you want to pay less rent for your apartment? Do you like the fact that you can call 911 and receive emergency services? Great. Then municipal politics matters to you. As a Dalhousie student, you presumably live in this glorious city…

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Halifax is home

We take our East Coast Lifestyle sweatshirts home over our school breaks, but will we vote in the Halifax municipal election this October? As an undergrad student, I’ll traipse around the city of Halifax for my fourth consecutive year. I’ll complain about the city buses if they’re late or inconsistent. I’ll enjoy a cup of…

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Updated: Dal votes for strike

Dalhousie faculty members voted 83 per cent in favour of giving the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) the mandate to strike, announced DFA president Anthony Stewart today. The majority vote means that the executive now has an ability to call a strike any time after the two-week legal ‘cooling-off’ period, which will likely start next week.…

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Less caring, more beer pong

By Nick Wright, Satirist   My editor Katie Toth is always bringing you down by going on about one thing or another. Recently, she was in some sort of panic over this thing called the O’Neill Report. According to Toth, if the government were to act on the suggestions outlined by O’Neill, my tuition would go…

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Are you(th) engaged?

By Holly Huntley, Staff Contributor During the event with Michael Ignatieff on Monday, Jan. 11, a student asked Ignatieff, “When youth political engagement is at an all time low, how do these attack ads give us something to believe in?” Voter turnouts are low across all generations, but the second-year political science student who spoke forced…

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