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Swarming on the Commons

There has been an increase in cases of unexplained violence

And I’m nervous leaving my home

I jump at loud noises

And avoid the sound of raised voices.

I lie in bed

Contemplating my choices

The percent chance of dying,

Like they tell you the likelihood of dying when flying

Or like rainfall:

There is a forty percent chance of being shot

In a drive by while leaving your own home

And that’s a good day.

And if you go out

And you make it

And you’re walking in public places

In broad daylight,

Someone asks you for a lighter,

But he’s not looking for a lighter.

He’s a bored fighter

And he hits you

Then his friends do

And they swarm you,

Hit and kick you.

And you wonder what did you do?

But it doesn’t matter.

They were bored

And you were at the right place

At the right time,

Just bored kids, bad kids, mad kids.

It’s without explanation,

And they attack without hesitation.

We cannot quantify or define their action

Even against the force’s inaction.

I lack understanding,

And there’s no relief in not knowing.

I’m left senseless without ‘why.’



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