Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Void

Part 2

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This wasn’t how I planned it.

Waking up, I looked around to see just where I was. I didn’t recognize this particular prison hold, but it seemed much more effective than the last one. It certainly wasn’t more comfortable. The walls seemed too close together. The cot was too stiff. The hole in the floor for doing my business was too small, and allowed the reek of my own stench to linger. It was a perfect place for harbouring slaves, traitors, and whores, but not anywhere close to ideal for the captain’s own son.

I’m not sure how I had gotten in here. My memory was nothing but a blur at that point. The last thing I remember was getting hit from the back of the head by a flying boot, surrounded by father’s scurvy gang. Father had gotten tired of asking me to stop killing his best men. I had gotten tired of father asking me to stop killing his best men. Push comes to shove, and here I was, wallowing in self-pity and regret that I didn’t kill the top man any sooner.

I reached for my holster. Gone. Damn. Half of me was missing. I guess they weren’t dumb enough to leave me in here with my laser pistol. I smirked at the thought. Father doesn’t really want me out this time. I looked past the serrated steel bars, and saw a couple of alien scumbags at the end of the corridor, making small talk. He had even hired guards!

Father meant serious business this round.


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