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Why it’s cool to be a poser

What’s a surfing trip without an equally long photo shoot? (Photo supplied)
What’s a surfing trip without an equally long photo shoot? (Photo supplied)

Halifax is an incredible city for us posers. There are endless opportunities to talk the talk, dress the part and just feel cool doing it.

What better time than fall, the most picturesque time of the year, to get out there, to do something cool, take a bunch of pictures of yourself doing it, and then upload them to Facebook?

And don’t judge me. I know you all do it. Although, admittedly, I might be the worst for this.

According to the pictures I have on my Facebook, my old high school friends probably think that in the past three years I have become a pro rock climber, ultimate surfer and esteemed deep sea diver.

Of course, none of these are true. I can’t stand on a surfboard more than three seconds, I’m still stuck on beginner bouldering problems and so far I’ve only ever dived in a swimming pool.

But you know what, to hell with the rest. I’m not an ambitious person and why would I want to be? If I want to rent a board, take to the waves and stay on my belly the whole time than that’s what I’m going to do.

At least by now I’ve learned that if you are going to be a poser you should probably be aware of your own physical limits. Like don’t go surfing on a day when the waves are double overhead because it’s just water and it can’t hurt that bad right?

You’ll get a concussion. So yes, know your limits, but get out there!

Climb Nova Scotia has a Thursday night bouldering group offered all summer free of charge. In the wintertime, you might be interested to know that this year your Dalplex membership includes access to the field house and rock court. Ladies, there are even girls-only nights so you can climb without worrying about how weird your butt looks in a harness.

A short drive away, Nova Scotia is home to some pretty decent surfing beaches too. Lawrencetown, Martinique and Cow Bay host some of these prime niches and even if you never get the hang of the ‘pop up’ it’s a great place to get away from the glow of your laptop. Check out for conditions and hook up with lessons from a nearby surf shop, outdoors club or a friend.

As for diving, I might be terrified of going deeper than 30 feet, but hey—I’ve still gotten to know an entire community of incredibly interesting people and by the time you read this article, I might just have gotten my first dip in the ocean.

So yeah, I’m a poser, but I’m glad to be one if it gets me out there doing new things every week.

I’ll talk the talk if I want to. Just don’t ask me a follow-up question.

Do something cool, take a bunch of photos and Instagram the shit out of them. You might just inspire someone else to get out there.

And if anyone tries to tell you you’re a poser, take comfort in the fact that you got out there at least once and tried something. You can save room on your bucket list for something even more ridiculous. Pro skydiver, perhaps?

Katrina Pyne
Katrina Pyne
Katrina was Editor-in-chief of the Gazette for Volume 145 and News Editor for Volume 144.

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