Tunes Review

Tunes Review

March 30, 2012

These days it’s kind of hard to ignore unorthodox rap collective Odd Future (a.k.a OFWGKTA). Whether it’s inciting riots in public, selling out shows across the globe, or having their music videos become viral sensations, Odd Future is here to… Continue Reading

Tunes Review – WZRD

March 23, 2012

You got to hand it to these guys—WZRD is a pretty decent name for a rock band. Made up of magic mushroom-inspired rapper Kid Cudi and producer Dot da Genius, WZRD is an album of psychedelic thrash and grungy riffs made… Continue Reading

Tunes Review – Push Record

March 23, 2012

The theme of Push Record is simplicity. The title track is meant to reflect how far Matt Andersen and Mike Stevens took this theme, the liner notes say: “The tune arrived in the rehearsal room so we just ‘Pushed Record.’”… Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Plants and Animals – The End of That

March 09, 2012

The title of Plants and Animals’ third LP, The End of That, especially resonates with those who are about to finish their four-year stay in Halifax. Endings evoke all sorts of emotion—confusion, anger, frustration, sadness, nostalgia, excitement—often all jumbled together… Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Otis Taylor – Contraband

March 02, 2012

Contraband is the latest installment in Taylor’s Trance Blues Project, his ambitious, over-a-decade-long effort to create a highly idiosyncratic style of music that sounds very little like the blues others are playing but somehow feels much closer to the core of… Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Bahamas – Barchords

February 10, 2012

The first thing I noticed about Afie Jurvanen’s (aka Bahamas) sophomore album, Barchords, was how refreshing simplicity can be. It’s clear from the clever album title that Toronto singer-songwriter values the guitar’s basic and common barre chord. Jurvanen’s simple style… Continue Reading


January 20, 2012

My one main regret in life is not seeing the Gorillaz on their first world tour. I was 14, I had never been to a concert before, and Damon Albarn (ex-band member of Blur) and his fake pop group Gorillaz… Continue Reading

Tunes review: Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

January 20, 2012

Much of the hype for Kathleen Edwards’ new album, Voyageur, comes from curiosity about her collaboration with Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver), her co-producer and current beau. This is the first time Edwards has shared the writing process. The collaboration… Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Björk – Biophilia

January 13, 2012

At a time when music critics are putting the finishing touches on their year-end best-of lists, one album oddly underrepresented is Icelandic singer Björk’s eighth studio album, Biophilia. For whatever reason, Björk has always had a bit of a lackluster… Continue Reading

Ben Caplan’s long-awaited album makes its Halifax debut

November 04, 2011

  Ben Caplan’s album was actually done a year and a half ago. A release date came and went, and In the Time of the Great Remembering remained unreleased. It wasn’t until Oct. 20 that Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers… Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Paint – Where We Are Today

September 30, 2011

  Originating in Vancouver, the Toronto-based band Paint’s latest album, Where We Are Today, is nothing less than an Indie-rock coffee shop album. Charged with soft guitars and mellow vocals, the record approaches ideas of love and all the things that… Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Daniel Romano–Sleep Beneath the Willow

March 18, 2011

Grade: A+++  Sagar Jha, Staff Contributor   Daniel Romano has just finished crafting a musical masterpiece in which he produced, engineered and performed 11 captivating tracks. Romano’s sound fuses a timeless singer-songwriter sound with a nostalgic, AM radio country sound…. Continue Reading

Tunes Review: Adele—21

March 04, 2011

Grade: B Mick Côté, Staff Contributor   Adele is the latest artist to write about a feeling known to many: heartache. After dealing through a reportedly hard breakup, the singer penned down her raw emotions and brought them in to… Continue Reading