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Elegy for the yellow crane: a poem

In this image: yellow crane on South Park Street
A block of South Park Street was closed off after the yellow crane toppled over a building. Photo by Dan Blais.

I watched you wilt over Instagram  

Several minutes after your last stand. 

I have walked by your body a hand full of times, 

Surprised, every time, at how much space you take up. 

Body twisted, folded and fallen, like a maiden in a swoon. 

They closed the street for you. RIP in windows for you. 

A tinder profile mocking your end, 

But I knew you before Dorian 

Made you crumble like a lover’s final no. 

Great steel tree, falling in a concrete forest with no one around, no one hurt. 

I can’t recall the precise moment I saw you, 

But I will say, the skyline misses 

Your elegant line and color. 

Best seen from the public gardens, 

Beside a strong sun, 

A metal flower amongst and 

Supported by trees, lush and natural, 

Swaying in time and conversation. 

Fare thee well, friend.  


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