Five tips for surviving outside dorm meal hours

Inflexible dining hours are a setback for some student schedules. (Photo: Bryn Karcha)

Inflexible dining hours are a setback for some student schedules. (Bryn Karcha photo)

1. Improvisation is key: Unfortunately, no stoves or hotplates are allowed in residence, meaning that snacking in your room requires the ability to mix and match between all four basic food groups. This conveniently brings us, to our next tip.

2. Always remember the four basic food groups: tea, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Nutella and French Toast Crunch. Bring a kettle, spoon and bowl and you will be set for the year. Renting a fridge is also a good idea if you enjoy adding milk to one of General Mills’ wide variety of wholesome toast-themed cereals.    

3. Stock up on nighttime refreshments: The meal halls tend to close early, so be sure to have a few granola bars in stock. Avoid toast-themed food groups late at night, as the sugar rush—I mean, nutrition—may make it difficult to sleep.

4. Don’t let the dishes pile up: Get it? It’s funny because you’ll only have one dish.

5. Move in with a sibling who went to culinary school: But do not, under any circumstances, introduce them to the cute boy and/or girl down the hall. You have been warned.

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