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Undervaluing part-time professors

In this image: the Dalhousie Student Union Building on Studley campus.

Being a part-time professor is precarious work – and they make up about 50 per cent of the teaching workforce at universities across Canada according to the 2016 study Precarious U.   Associate professor of Sociology at Dalhousie University, Karen Foster, conducted the study to try and find out what this looked like in Nova Scotia.   “There are a lot of stereotypes about who works part-time, non-tenure track contracts at universities,” says Foster. “We like to think…

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Are eSports really sports?

In this image: hands holding a white Xbox controller.

eSports generated 655 million globally in 2017. By 2020, eSports are expected to generate almost 1.5 billion, quadrupling its present value.   Surging interest has led to sponsored tournaments, arenas and opportunities to compete on a grand stage.   Some universities across the United States are trying out giving eSports scholarships, amounting to $9 million. A few Canadian institutions have followed in suit.  Emerging leagues, competitions and awards encourage video games in the…

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Think flu shots ain’t shit?

Herd immunity is a biological concept where a majority vaccinated population inhibits the spread of disease to members of the ‘herd’ who have weakened or no immunity.   This could include young children, the elderly, pregnant women and those who can’t be vaccinated due to other health issues. Health Canada states that our flu vaccination rate should be at…

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Rejuvenating year off

Whether it’s money problems, too much pressure, or overall confused about what you want to do next in life, taking time off from university in order to do some soul searching, money saving or even just to take a break is an option, too. A 2004 Youth in Transition Survey conducted by Statistics Canada reported…

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Breaking down “paying for school for millionaires”

Dalhousie University announced on Aug. 10th that $300,000 has been given in funding for nine participants to attend the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, which has caused a backlash among students. The Dalhousie Student Union and students are claiming that Dalhousie funded a program with money that could have been used on students, and have…

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Listen up, old man

With the recent news of a proposed hike in tuition fees by Dalhousie, it’s more important than ever for students to rally and unify against the rising costs of post-secondary education. Education cannot be considered a commodity; it’s a bloody right. I protested in Quebec back in 2012 when Charest proposed a tuition hike and…

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University weighs in on new president

The Gazette asked some university VIPs a few questions about the new president’s time at Dalhousie so far. Here’s how they answered. WB: William Barker, former president of the University of King’s College, current Dal professor JH:John Hutton, Dalhousie Student Union rep on the board of governors DBT: Donna Bourne-Tyson, university librarian   Dalhousie Gazette: How have…

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An education

If you’re middle or upper class, or you aspire to such a title, you’ve probably been to university. This is nothing new; higher education has always been one way social and economic disparity has been reinforced. But this is not only because university gives you the skills to succeed—in many ways, it doesn’t. It’s a…

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The pill, for men?

Let’s just get it out there: a lot of sex happens at university. We have casual dating, we have a few too many drinks at parties, it happens. There’s a reason we have a sex column in the Gazette. It happens, and as every single person reading this who isn’t the Messiah proves, sex leads…

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