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Apply for scholarships, grants throughout your degree

While riches may be out of reach, avoid the rags by paying attention to your finances. (Photo by Benjamin Miller via
University is expensive. Get some help. (Photo by Benjamin Miller via

Welcome to Dal! I know we’ve just met and this is kind of personal, but we need to talk about how you’re going to pay for this. Maybe your parents are helping you or maybe student loans are the answer.

I know when I applied, the agonizing weeks that followed were filled with endless scholarship, grant and bursary applications. It doesn’t have to end there—and it shouldn’t.

By now you know you should apply for anything you even remotely qualify for. This means for all four (or more) years and from anywhere offering money: companies, foundations, and most importantly, here.

According to Dal, over $5 million in scholarships and grants are awarded every year. It’s offered before you get here, and also once you’ve started. Undergraduate scholarships generally vary between $500-$3,000, but require a 3.7 GPA and a minimum of 30 credit hours, so keep it in mind going into second year.

If you have financial need during the school year, you might consider a bursary. They’re awarded once per term and the application is available at Dal Online, with exact dates and contact information.

You’ve done a lot to get here and you’re going to do a lot more, so make it easier on yourself and apply. Don’t let laziness/forgetfulness/insecurity/whatever screw you out of thousands of dollars.


Claire Wählen
Claire Wählen
Claire was News Editor of the Gazette for Volume 146. You can follow her on Twitter at @Claire_Wahlen.

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