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Textbook Politics

In this image: the spines of books on a Killam Library shelf.

Where is the knowledge goldmine of Dalhousie University? The Henry Hicks? Maybe the Killam library?   Sadly, it’s the campus bookstore. Textbooks have all the knowledge covered in lectures, bundled in an extravagant price tag.  Textbooks are useful and powerful. They’re fantastic for students who miss their lectures, but they are also ridiculously unaffordable.   Many students have…

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What does the Dalplex do with our money?

A full-time Dalhousie student pays $153.20 per term for so-called “student service fees.” The university’s website says those fees go to administrative, athletic, and health services, but doesn’t provide a further breakdown of how those funds are distributed. According to the Student Accounts office, $100.70 of that fee goes to “athletics” each term. They couldn’t…

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Bird courses

I realize with a start that I haven’t been paying attention in quite some time. The professor has been talking, of that I’m sure. I haven’t heard a word of it. My note sheet, optimistically titled and dated at the start of the class, remains empty. For my lack of attention to the lecture, I’m…

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Listen up, old man

With the recent news of a proposed hike in tuition fees by Dalhousie, it’s more important than ever for students to rally and unify against the rising costs of post-secondary education. Education cannot be considered a commodity; it’s a bloody right. I protested in Quebec back in 2012 when Charest proposed a tuition hike and…

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Lottery tickets

Winter tuition may be due, but gambling is not the answer. (Photo by Amin Helal)

Where did the winter break go? Here we are, recuperating our coffee-addict habits (unless you’re like me and it never left), blowing the dust off our textbooks, ready to face a new term. While most of us are wishing we were lying under UV-rays and sipping on an exotic drink, the reality is that we…

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Fasting to make a difference

Dalhousie’s World Vision Society proved that 30 hours can make a difference on the Nov. 15 weekend. A small group of students, led by the society’s president Karley Hewitt, came together to stop eating and raise money— taking part in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. They met in the Student Union Building to tie-dye shirts,…

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David Sharpe embarks on new Olympic pursuit

Dalhousie swimmer David Sharpe learned several important lessons during his successful quest for a berth in the 2012 Olympic Games. Foremost among them was the realization that a trip to the Olympics doesn’t come cheap. Set to make a return to the Games in 2016, Sharpe knew he needed to find a different method to…

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Love, life and university

There are a lot of things I brought with me when I came to Dalhousie from Ottawa: a laptop, a copy of The New Journalism, an N64, and a girlfriend. Three of those things have been a part of my life in the past 24 hours. The New Journalism took a break after the first year.…

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Identity crisis

The DSU should focus on library budget cuts next year. (Photo by Asrar Ul Haq)

  Last week, I wrote a letter to the president expressing my outrage at the major cuts being made to Dalhousie library budgets, which is having an immediate and major effect on acquisitions. This week, the first effects of this freeze are being felt, with the list of journals dropped from Dal libraries posted on…

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Stop asking me for money, I’m broke

Dear Dr. Florizone, I have no reason to dislike you. I’ve never met you, nor even attended Dal while you were in charge. From what I’ve heard about you, you seem like a pretty chill guy. Your Tumblr has a cool mission, even if its name sounds like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez fanfic. You gutted…

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