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Humani-T café review


Humani-T also has a Hydrostone Market location in the North End. (Photo supplied by Humani-T café)

When I walked into Humani-T Café, which is nestled in the very urban and domineering Trillium on South Park St., I expected a very cookie cutter café with a bland atmosphere. Instead, I was greeted with a spacious area filled with a variety of choices.

I passed a smoothie section, a wall filled with flavourful teas, and an artisan gelato bar as I made my way to the breakfast and lunch area. There were a surprising amount of choices. I settled on the spicy chicken bacon panini and a mixed green salad with cranberries, feta and almonds. My friend, on the other hand, ordered a tomato and brie panini with a shirazi salad (tomato, cucumber and red onions with olive oil and lemon juice).

After ordering all that deliciousness and paying (about ten dollars each), we picked a place to sit near a mock fireplace. A very friendly employee came up to us and confirmed our orders. In fact, the entire staff was just as friendly and warm. After a little while, our lunches were delivered to our table—just like in a restaurant!

The food looked, smelled and tasted great. It was a simple meal, but for what I paid it was the portions the atmosphere and the service that made it special. I recommend Humani-T Cafe if you’re looking for a nice escape from the usual campus food.


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