How to write a novel in 30 days

Stop overthinking it Hamlet!

Correction: In the original version of this article the name Dumeresq de Pencer was misspelled. The Gazette has corrected this and regrets the error. *** Writer’s cramp is a condition characterized by cramps and quaking of the hands and fingers, typically caused by overworking them on delicate tasks, like typing. The cramp is sure to…

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Not just for nerds

A great graphic novel allows its characters to leap off the page. (Photo supplied)

As a literary form, graphic novels are often dismissed because of their reputation. Some readers are turned away because they have pictures, thinking that hardly qualifies them to sit amongst the literary greats (and also brings back memories of childhood picture books…we are of course, so terribly far beyond that in university). Others are turned…

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“Hi, I’m Jian Ghomeshi, and you’re reading 1982”

David Bowie wishes he were Jian Ghomeshi

With years of entertaining audiences as a CBC radio host under his belt, Jian Ghomeshi has published his first book. Titled 1982, it’s a memoir of the year Ghomeshi turned 15 – growing up as a first-generation immigrant in a Toronto suburb, falling in love with an older woman and, more than anything, wanting to…

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Colford’s Hector Tomas is gripping

  Ian Colford’s novel The Crimes of Hector Tomas is a powerful read. It poses questions about freedom, injustice, betrayal, paranoia and whether ends justify means. Hector is one of seven children in a South American family. His father Enrique Tomas is a quiet, distant man who is interested in how people make choices. Growing up,…

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Why vampires should never, ever be blood-sucking fairies

Be wary of vampires. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Like many fans of fiction, I have occasionally encountered the trope of the vampire in all its glory and shame. Seeing as Halloween is fast approaching, it’ll be more likely to be the latter than the former. The vampire, a long-time former figure of terror inspired by the fears of society, has degenerated into an…

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How to lose four months in eight simple steps

A few books can really round out your procrastination game. (Photo by Stewart Butterfield via

It’s now October. The leaves are still on the trees, the sun occasionally peers out from behind clouds carrying days of torrential rain, and professors are already awaiting several assignments from wayward students, perhaps lost in the foliage. But you’re not one of these, right? You don’t have midterms coming up, do you? All the…

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  Gone Girl exploded on the pop culture stratosphere this summer. It seemed to top every summer must-read and critics’ pick list, but was Gillian Flynn’s latest installment into the sinister murder/suspense genre she is quickly mastering worth the hype? The book begins on the fifth wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy Dunne, two upstate New…

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Dystopian satire in a brave new medium

Margaret Atwood’s latest story I’m Starved For You—a 44-page short story, published electronically on—begins with the discovery of a love note. The note is punctuated by a purple lipstick kiss, the gaudy imprint of everything missing from Stan’s life. Stan is a part of the machinery of Consilience, a rapidly expanding program in the …

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