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Perry vs. Swift: the tumultuous rivalry

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s rivalry makes headlines – tucked comfortably between stories on the impending nuclear war and that weird wavy brow trend. Their rivalry in itself nothing new, but their music is. We’ve watched them go head to head both on the charts and in the tabloids for years now. It all started…

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Soirée with a symphonic spaceman

While looking into astronaut Chris Hadfield’s eyes, you can’t help but realize he’s literally seen the entire world at once. That’s a pretty overwhelming thought. Commander Hadfield, famous for covering David Bowie’s Space Oddity from literal space, for authoring several books on his experiences, for sharing the wonderment of space exploration with millions via interstellar…

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The Arkells live in Halifax

The moment that the Arkells took the stage, they dove straight into A Little Rain, off their most recent album, Morning Report. Providing the perfect launching point for frontman, Max Kerman, to captivate the audience. Kerman has a natural talent for connecting with the crowd: bouncing across stage, catapulting himself into the crowd, dropping shout-outs…

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Wash your sheets, light some candles, and hit play on this sensual and sexy R&B playlist curated by contributor, Grant Ruffinengo. It’s the perfect, almost unnoticeable sultry set to put you or you and your partner(s) in the mood for a lil’ romantic V-day evening alone.  

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Mining for treasure at Taz Records

Taz Records is packed with mountains of undiscovered vinyl that threaten to spill onto Grafton Street. Seamus Ryan, a vinyl enthusiast and patron of Halifax’s Taz Records, considers some of his past discoveries. “There’s a great Elmore James album that I discovered there – a real blues artist. Honestly, there’s lots of treasures, even with…

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Sam Roberts Band in Halifax

Before the technicians finished setting the stage on Friday night, a chant broke out for Sam Roberts, though there wasn’t even a hint that the band was ready to emerge yet. When the Sam Roberts Band did take the stage, they launched with a dreamy starter to build up excitement, with neat crisscrossing light fixtures…

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X Ambassador experience

Curiosity sparks, watching a friend slide past the bouncer into an all-consuming, mouth-breathing, hot, and enthusiastic crowd over the band in the background. On Thursday, November 17th, the X Ambassador’s concert at the Marquee on Gottingen St in downtown Halifax brought back the spirit of harmony through music. The X Ambassadors were in Halifax for…

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Punk rock gives platform for alternative gender identities

Passionate, vulgar, anti-normative – lyrics off the title track of Against Me!’s album Transgender Dysphoria Blues bleed punk rock. Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace tells a story of alternative gender identities rather than the anarchistic, anti-establishment themes the band is known for. The group’s sixth album focuses on struggles of gender dysphoria (a feeling of unease…

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