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Summery summary

In this image: A close-up of one of the new green barriers on bike lanes.

Whether  arriving in Halifax for the first time, returning after a summer away, or simply preparing to head into the new semester, here is a brief summary of what’s been happening on campus and in the city these last few months.    Dalhousie University’s new interim president   On July 1, 2019, the Dalhousie Board of Governors  appointed Dr. Teri…

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Halifax’s unprecedented rental crisis

In this image: Someone about to turn the page on the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act

A rental crisis has led to the lowest vacancy rate Halifax has experienced in decades. The issue has resulted in increased rent prices, precarious living and an absence of affordable housing in the city.  After three years of record-breaking population growth in the city, Halifax’s vacancy rate for apartment rentals hit an all-time low this year…

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Dishonourable degrees: an update

In this image: headshot of Peter Dalglish.

Editor’s note: This is an update on “Dishonourable degrees” from the Nov. 30, 2018 issue. Content warning – the story contains information about the sexual assault of minors.  In 2018, the Dal Gazette reported on Dalhousie’s lack of policies about revoking honorary degrees.  The initial complaint came from Robert Huish, an Associate Professor in the Department of International Development. Huish brought up the…

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Who was Rita Joe?

In this image: Halifax Transit ferry.

More than a decade after her death, Rita Joe is still making waves.  On Oct. 26, Halifax Regional Municipality memorialized Joe by naming the newest public transit ferry after her. The Rita Joe joined a fleet including vessels named for Halifax explosion hero Vincent Coleman and civil rights activist Viola Desmond. Two other ferries were named…

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Getting to the route of the problem

In this image: an out of service Halifax Transit bus.

Mount Saint Vincent University students are calling for the return of Halifax Transit’s Route 18.  Students such as Kenya Thompson are complaining that the loss of the university-bound route has affected them “in a huge way.”  “I used to live off-campus in Clayton Park and I ended up moving onto campus largely because of the changes, the loss of 18…

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Five Halifax Halloween costumes

Deciding on a Halloween costume is tough, especially when you’re a student.   “Oh, I have plenty of time to figure that out,” you say. But in the hustle and bustle of the start of the school year, you completely forget.   If this sounds familiar, worry not. Here is an array of clever, Halifax-centric ideas that…

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Briefs of the week

Week of Sept. 17, 2018 Nova Scotia birth certificates allow for third gender marker Come January, Nova Scotian birth certificates will have a third option for gender markers. On Sept. 19, the province announced that an amendment to the Vital Statistics Act will “introduce X as an option for gender identity on the Nova Scotia birth…

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The Mount makes strides for those who face the crimson tide

Nikki Jamieson believes menstrual health products should be free and accessible in public spaces.  “It’s no different than toilet paper or paper towel,” said Jamieson, President of the Mount Saint Vincent University Students’ Union. “Menstruating is a bodily function.”  After a solid year of lobbying on the union’s part, MSVU has become the first university in the province…

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We know what Halifax did this summer

The agave rises  Who knew an agave plant would be a hot topic over the summer?   Staff at the Public Gardens didn’t wait until the first full moon in June to welcome Halifax’s agave plant from its greenhouse to the outdoors.   The agave had outgrown its indoor home. The odds didn’t look good and there was widespread…

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Dal changing how it deals with sexual violence

As of September, Dalhousie University officially has a new sexual violence policy. For students such as Masuma Khan, it’s been a long time coming. “The Sexual Harassment Policy is a policy that was very aged,” said Khan, vice president (Academic and External) of the Dalhousie Student Union. Khan said previous DSU executives and other students…

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