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Now that you have settled into your dorms, picked your seat in class and mastered the layout of campus it’s time to get to know the city you chose to go to school in. Here are some fun facts about the city we all know and love:

  1. There are more pubs per capita in Halifax than any other city in Canada. Something to keep in mind for post-exam celebrations!
  2. The Dalhousie Gazette, established in 1868, is the longest-standing college newspaper in Canada.
  3. There are 81 college students out of every 1,000 Halifax residents. AKA, Halifax is a college town.
  4. The Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market is the longest continuously running farmer’s market in North America. Open year-round, the farmer’s market is a wonderful place to get fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as to meet local artisans and small-scale farmers.
  5. On October 21st 1754, Nova Scotia established the first Supreme Court in North America.
  6. The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is the most visited National Historic Site in Canada. Be sure to check it out when you have spare time!
  7. For all the runners out there, the biggest sports event in Halifax is the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, held every May.
  8. Halifax has an average of 171 wet days per year. Be sure to pack your umbrella at all times and ensure that you have trusty rain jacket and boots!
  9. Up until 2009, Peggy’s Cove, the world’s most photographed fishing village was home to only post office in the world located inside a lighthouse.
  10. Halifax is closer to Dublin, Ireland than it is to Victoria, British Columbia. Next time you plan to visit the West Coast, put that into perspective!

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