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DSU Council Summer Meetings

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The DSU Council has had an ambitious, if troubled summer so far.

The summer started with a meeting on May 7th. It was initially intended to be a normal introductory council meeting, but ended up being rather contentious with the nomination of a Chair who was not a member of the Union.

Following this, the June 18th meeting would find a suspension of the normal rules of Notification of Motion to allow for a revised SUB renovations plan.

These renovations were detailed to be much like the previously discussed renovation plans, but altered to fit within a budget where a levy increase would not be required.

Throughout all these meetings, there was laid the beginnings of a general policy review process. The first of this process was presented at the August 6 meeting, although much of this is not to be finalized until the beginning of the school year.

The June 18th meeting also found itself involved. The appointment of the Advocacy Planning Committee (which was expected to occur at this meeting) was challenged due to the fact that the mandate for such a committee was out of order due to its references to a continuing involvement with CASA by Vice President Academic and External, Jacqueline Skiptunis.

As such, a revised mandate was distributed by council at the August 6 meeting, although more changes have also been brought up for the August 20 meeting.

Finally, to top off the procedural issues, the Chair resigned on July 16th, leaving the entire nominations process to be done again.

Compounding the absence of a chair, the Secretary to council needed to be replaced mid-summer. This has left the council and its communications to both councillors and the public in a state of flux.

The council’s activities this summer have been many in nature and potentially big, but what it shows for things to come is up to you.

This story was written prior to the DSU Council’s August 20, 2014 meeting.


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