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Molly Rookwood

Hometown: Arlington, Mass. (outside of Boston) Major: Early modern studies and English, third year Proudest achievement to date: I got an A+ on my final Foundation Year Programme paper, which felt like a huge success to the finish of the year. Next big thing she wants to achieve: The next big thing I’m working for is finishing my…

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Fallen Matthews

Hometown: Toronto, ON Major: Masters in gender studies, with a focus on cinema and black masculinity Proudest achievement to date: Being where I am in such a short time because I started Dal in 2009, and then I graduated with my bachelors in October convocation of 2012. Then I taught English abroad in Korea because I wanted to…

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Copyright act up in the air

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On Feb. 16 a parliamentary committee in Ottawa began hearings into Bill C-11, also called the Copyright Modernization Act. Dalhousie’s copyright officer Ian Colford says the bill, which was introduced by the Conservative government, would reduce the risk of the university being sued by copyright holders for infringement. “Bill C-11 will make things a lot…

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The cost of course readers

Universities across Canada are in uncharted waters. Dalhousie is one of about 45 institutions who have not renewed deals with Access Copyright, the Canadian clearinghouse for copyright-protected texts, says Ian Colford, copyright officer at Dal. Universities across the country have dropped out of the licensing regime because of a proposal to change the fee structure…

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