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Succeeding in university means managing mental health

University is the best, worst, thing for your mental health. The best, because you meet a ton of lifelong friends, learn more about yourself, and have the opportunity to develop a passion into a career. The worst, because schedules can be erratic. Sleepless nights and copious caffeine consumption become the norm. Hustle is prioritized over health, and sleep deprivation…

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Living with bae

“Kill your ego.” Patrick Fulgencio* answers quickly when asked for advice on living with a significant other. By this he means in order to live with your romantic partner you must fully accept that you are no longer the only one who matters. Take your partner into full consideration every day you live together. This…

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Don’t do drugs, m’kay?

We’ve all been in those lectures before. I think they started in grade six for me. A police officer will stand in front of the class and tell you all the ways your life will be ruined by pot. Then he moves on to the harder stuff and you internalize it. Until high school, of…

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A letter to my first-year self

A man and his dog. (Photo by Natalia Silchenko)

Dear Chris, It’s a couple weeks until I graduate from university, and so I thought I would write a letter to you, my first-year self. In this letter, I hope to communicate to you the wisdom and experience I’ve acquired over the past six years. Six years, you ask? Am I graduating from a master’s…

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The pros and cons of singledom

Couples are in the nitty-gritty of prepping for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, while singles are probably gathering with other singles to eat heart-shaped cookies. In light of this, I’d like to ask: is it better to be or not to be single? Let’s take a look. Pros: 1. Having the freedom to meet whoever, whenever,…

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Savage Love! Live!

Dan Savage is not one to blush when speaking about ejaculate before a crowd of 200. Rather, he carries on in the same direct way that makes his writing so poignant and informative. He is a man committed to change and truth in a very sex-negative world. Savage was in town Oct. 3 to make…

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Fool’s cooking school: breakfast edition

With school back in session, it’s easy to fall into a grab-and-go breakfast routine when hitting snooze seems like a better idea than cooking. We’ve all fallen victim to the Tim Horton’s line on Monday morning. Unfortunately, what you gain in naps you lose in nutrition, which can affect your academic performance for the rest…

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A parent’s advice: hidden gems for every student

It feels like it was only yesterday when I found myself en route from Ottawa to Halifax to send my son off to university three years ago. Considered to be an exceptionally organized individual, I remember having only a few small items left to pick up. I envisioned we would have ample time to be…

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The Dalhousie the brochure didn’t show you

If you are anything like I was, you have visualized this moment for a while. No, not your first time perusing your campus newspaper, but rather your first few days at Dalhousie University. You have envisioned a lot of possibilities in your head, the friends you will make, confusion over where your classes are and…

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