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What does the Dalplex do with our money?

A full-time Dalhousie student pays $153.20 per term for so-called “student service fees.” The university’s website says those fees go to administrative, athletic, and health services, but doesn’t provide a further breakdown of how those funds are distributed. According to the Student Accounts office, $100.70 of that fee goes to “athletics” each term. They couldn’t…

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Cheer for your Tigers

  Before I was a journalist, I was a sports fan. That’s one reason I started contributing to the sports section at the Gazette. It was my passion for writing and sports, along with a concussion I sustained while playing rugby, which eventually led me to the editor’s chair. Like all of Dalhousie’s varsity and…

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New equipment at the Dalplex

The Dalplex gave Dalhousie students a late Christmas present when they returned from their holiday break. The weight room in the fieldhouse has a brand new look to it. Sixty-five pairs of top-of-the-line dumbbells as well as 24 new barbells were brought into the Dalplex. A four-station weight machine has been added to the second…

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Student athlete problems

Being an athlete is not all fun and games. (David Munro photo)

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled the author’s name. The mistake did not appear in print. The Gazette regrets the error. Is it tough being a varsity athlete? You bet it is! It may seem all glam and exciting but, my dear friends, there are some misconceptions out there about our day-to-day lives that…

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Recognizing an athlete

If you’re a varsity athlete at the University of King’s College and want to wear the No. 7, you’re out of luck. The blue and white No. 7 soccer jersey of Matt Fegan is mounted to the rafters of the King’s gymnasium. Pinned in a glass frame, the jersey hangs in one corner, adjacent to…

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Can he save the Tigers?

By Joel Tichinoff, Sports Editor After a long period of not having an Athletics Director at all, Dalhousie University has awarded the Athletics portfolio to John J. MacDonald, former director of external relations for the Faculty of Management, where he spearheaded the development of the Ken Rowe Building. MacDonald joined the Faculty from the financial sector…

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Athletics still uneven playing field

By Joel Tichinoff, Sports Editor Cheerleaders waving pompoms on the sidelines of a football field is the iconic image of the gender role women have long played in sports, particularly when it comes to high-performance athletics at the university and professional level. Great strides have been made in the last 50 years to bring about gender-equality…

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