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Nay to Holiday Diets

In this image: a feast.

Holiday dinners vary across cultures and families. One commonality that links us together is the knowledge that delicious feasts aren’t going to be kind to our waistlines.   But should we give a shit?   Every year, bad Lifetime movies and Christmas decorations accompany headlines across the world spreading “tips” for staying trim during the holiday season. Prepackaged snacks to avoid grandma’s baking. Drinking two liters of water so you…

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Corporeal catastrophe

I’ve gotten lumpy during my university career. I saw a picture of myself from my first year on Halloween. I had long hair, big dreams and goddammit I was thin. Like most students in their early twenties, I gained some extra weight. A study from the Auburn University in Alabama showed that roughly 70 per…

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Fashion vs. Food: Are we building a better body image?

Body Image. Photo by Petr Kratochvil via

The fashion world can be an unfriendly place sometimes, especially towards healthy food consumption. But are things finally starting to change? It peaked between 2006 and 2009. Anorexia and bulimia awareness, that is. Every issue of Teen Vogue and Seventeen had an article touting a “real-life story.” The No Anorexia Nolita campaign ran in 2007, with its…

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