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Lost in translation

Translated texts are everywhere – they’re some of our favourite books, movie scripts, and articles.   But have you ever thought about the transformation a translated text had to undergo to land in your hands?  It’s interesting how much pressure a translator is under. They’re responsible for taking the native words and text and transforming it…

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What Dal should read

Something not about North America: I’m suggesting this not because I think some experiences are universal and common to all fiction, but because experiences are not universal. If, as we explored a few weeks ago, a large segment of Dal’s population is international, why not strive to read something other than the Canadian and American…

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Libraries look for financial feedback

Department heads are debating library priorities. (Photo by Chris Parent)

Dalhousie’s libraries held a public consultation on Feb. 25, presenting three possible models allocating 50 per cent of their budget to acquisitions. The libraries will begin implementing one of these models by this upcoming fiscal year, phasing it in over the next four years. The first model is based on spent-year-to-date, the second is based…

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OPINION: E-ink vs. print

Print books offer an intensely physical interaction—useful when reading for school. (Photo by Deborah Oomen)

  I know what you’re thinking. You read the title of this article and thought, “Great. Here she goes again, that crazy opinions editor, ranting on about e-books and print.” And I acknowledge that you may have a right to groan. But I’ve dreamed up a new angle and I just had to share it…

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Identity crisis

The DSU should focus on library budget cuts next year. (Photo by Asrar Ul Haq)

  Last week, I wrote a letter to the president expressing my outrage at the major cuts being made to Dalhousie library budgets, which is having an immediate and major effect on acquisitions. This week, the first effects of this freeze are being felt, with the list of journals dropped from Dal libraries posted on…

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A library without books? Hilarious

Dear President Florizone, I laughed pretty hard at the funny joke Dalhousie made about cutting library acquisitions for one, possibly two years. HA! HA! A library that can’t afford new books? (Wheeze) That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Then I found out you weren’t kidding. And stopped laughing. I’m not sure how…

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When the readings just don’t cut it

Ah, books. When the semester kicks off, it starts to feel like we’re drowning in them. Science textbooks, collections of Shakespeare’s plays, course packs—the reading lists never end. There is always so much reading to be done, it makes it difficult for bookworms to find time to cram in another Dickens classic. Book fans, don’t…

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The shame of e-books

E-books can be functional, but they don’t truly replicate the reading experience. (Photo supplied)

E-readers are good for students. They are also good for people who travel a lot, whether they’re commuting or sitting around in airports a lot. And they are great for people who have large libraries but very limited housing. (To quote the genie from Aladdin, “Infinite cosmic power—itty bitty living space.”) And yet despite fulfilling all three…

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