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Hotels in downtown Halifax fully booked for Dalhousie graduation

A phone call to the Advancement Office at the University of King’s college rang in a pressing issue for graduating students and their families.  Adriane Abbott, the director of the Advancement Office, was on the receiving end of the call from a concerned parent of a graduating student in late February. The parent, upon having difficulty booking a…

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The Dome’s new dress code latest of many discriminatory practices

The Dome nightclub has recently been under fire for its new practices and policies that many people describe as discriminatory – especially against Black people.   Most notoriously, the Dome announced a new dress code in an effort to change its reputation from ‘dirty’ to ‘classy.’ The main criticism of the new dress code is that…

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Dalhousie Gazette Podcast: Anything but Trump

We recorded on Inauguration Day and decided to give you a break from all the craziness that is American politics. Instead, we talked about that craziness of Halifax and our lives. Tune in to hear about an encounter with a raunchy musician (spoiler alert: he has a song called Ram Ranch) and lucid dreaming. Plus,…

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