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(photo by Bryn Karcha)

Do you believe doing the right thing always means sacrificing your well-being? I don’t. Lately, I’ve been finding a common thread among some of the critiques of fossil fuel divestment I’ve come across: the assumed mutual exclusivity of financial ethics and financial health. In response, advocates of divestment have been quick to note that oil and…

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I won’t make you pay to read this

The spread of paywalls will push those looking for news to other sources. (Adele van Wyk photo)

A friend recently questioned my disinterested suspicion of this new attempt to fund traditional news sources. He asked, wryly, whether it may simply be arising from my sulky anger over The Globe and Mail’s recent establishment of a paywall. In short, yes. It does. But the extreme subjectivity of my position (aside from being part of the…

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Consensual speculum

Laura Parlee, Assistant News Editor Canada’s medical schools may be lagging behind in ethical patient care. Public health reporter for the Globe and Mail, Andre Picard, published a column last week about medical students performing unnecessary procedures to unconscious patients without their consent. The article has sparked a vibrant debate on the nature of consent, the…

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Racism just as complex for international students

By David Kumagai, Opinions Columnist My voice fluctuates during my journalism ethics class. My classmates and I are trying to navigate the awkward issue of race. The tension hits a high note when one class member unintentionally insinuates that Albertans are bigots. The class jumps all over the slip, finally finding a simple case we can…

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Photos can be faked

Two children play soccer on a field in Africa. But this is no regular game of soccer. Instead of a ball, they play with a skull. Instead of tattered clothes, they wear uniforms and machine gun belts. The game is played on a preverbal field of death. Does this picture truly show the horrors of…

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