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Awards season special: red carpet style

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Why is it that when Emma Stone rocks a low-cut scarlet gown at the Globes, it fits perfectly, and she can appear effortless rather than uncomfortable? How does Angelina Jolie look classy in red and white satin? Why do even the stars who end up on the “Worst Dressed List” still look better than I…

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Fashion profile: Nothing is sweeter than Sweet Pea!

Though not yet five years old, Sweet Pea Boutique has already become a staple store for Halifax shopping. It’s the place to go for dressy frocks, blouses and skirts at a reasonable price point for the average young lady. It’s atmosphere is classy and upscale without being intimidating. In short, it’s struck the perfect chord…

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Unearthing the secrets of seasonal colouring

Spring... almost here! Photo by Dean Ward (promanex on flickr). Used under Creative Commons license.

Most people have heard something along the lines of, “I’m a winter skin tone!” before. It may have been said as a joke, or it might have been serious, but either way you had no sweet clue what they meant. I know I didn’t. That’s I why I recently decided to stop the ignorance and…

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Fashion lends a helping hand

Indian pigments

For Andrea Landriault, the fashion show held by Dal’s International Development faculty last weekend was long overdue. “It’s been in planning for about four years now,” she laughs. So how did it all come together? According to Landriault, it took a lot of emails, and a lot of willing volunteers from partner charities WUSC, Amnesty…

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This year’s winter fashion essentials

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A look at every fashionista’s Christmas wish list  Though the weather may not be a clear indication that Christmas is coming, it is that time of year again—the time some call the most wonderful time of the year. And all those avid shoppers out there, who see Christmas as an excellent excuse to let ourselves…

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Fashion Without Borders goes global

Bringing cultures together. Photo by Kelsey Merritt

Dal brings six continents together through fashion The International Development Education and Awareness Society (IDEAS) at Dalhousie is putting culture behind fashion. From Indian saris to Afro-peruvian dance outfits to Japanese Kimonos, the IDEAS fashion show will bring an entirely new dimension to the catwalk. The society is organizing a fashion show that uses clothes…

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Too sexy for their stripes

Men's fashion.

A Dal men’s fashion special The fashion column in the Gazette has been, admittedly, very female-focused this year. After looking through past articles, I started to feel a bit guilty about how little fashion advice I had to give to those with a Y-chromosome. Unfortunately, not having that chromosome, I knew I couldn’t truly do the…

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The new kids on the fashion block

Project Runway: Halifax Edition. Photo by Rose Behar

Up-and-coming designers who plan to rule the roost before too long Everyone knows if you want to carve out your own niche in the fashion world you have to leave the east coast and head for greener pastures, right? Wrong. That is, according to Pam Johnston, Rachel Betchick, Amy Negus and Fiona Blanchard—four young designers…

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