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Contradictory Carbon Tax Catastrophe

In this image: a car being pumped with gas.

A new carbon tax will be implemented as part of the Pan American Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change next January.   The purpose of this tax is to save our environment and act on climate change–to meet the carbon emission targets set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).   The logic behind the tax is simple economics: higher prices mean lower…

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Divest Dal pushes forward

Following a major protest last year and a summer in which environmental issues occupied the headlines (remember that heat wave?), Divest Dal shows no signs of slowing down.  Divest Dal is a student-led campaign which pushes Dal to – well – divest from fossil fuels. Last year, the group organized a nine-day sit-in at the Studley campus…

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Divest Dal camps on quad

In true Dalhousie fashion, the first tent to go up was yellow.  Over the following week the tents multiplied like mushrooms, sprouting up across the Studley Quad as members of Divest Dalhousie camped out to put pressure on university administration.   The mandate was clear. It was scrawled on signs and posters around the campsite: divest the university’s…

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Dalhousie on track to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets

Rochelle Owen, the director of the Office of Sustainability at Dalhousie University, says she’s confident the university can meet its greenhouse gas reduction target of 50 per cent by 2020, and net zero by 2050. According to its last greenhouse gas inventory, Dalhousie University emitted 98,659 tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2014-2015. These are gases…

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Dal students get tattoos for climate change awareness

Student activists at Dalhousie University made a permanent statement about climate change on Monday. Fifteen students had three-digit numbers tattooed on their bodies — ink they are referring to as “birthmarks.” The numbers represent the amount of carbon in the atmosphere in the year they were born. Carbon concentration is measured in parts per million…

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