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Dexter Nyuurnibe: Halifax’s mental health warrior for youth

Dexter Nyuurnibe was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and grew up in a single-parent household. His father, originally from Ghana, is the only parental figure he can recall. He remembers a childhood of travelling abroad, but also his first experiences with mental health issues. “I can still remember being in grade two or three, where there…

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Frighteningly few students know health care program

The DSU health plan will cover your prescription drugs and vision care. But you may be surprised to hear that their physio, acupuncture and psychiatry are all 100 per cent covered– if you visit the right practitioner. One year after the introduction of the Student VIP preferred practitioner program, students and health care practitioners say…

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Affordable healthcare a world away

By Tim Mitchell, Features Editor Populations more than double that of Dalhousie University are struck off the map every day because of preventable diseases such as malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and tuberculosis found in areas of poverty. We don’t worry about these things in Canada. It all sounds depressing, and far away. But Dr. Robert Huish, assistant…

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