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Management faculty pulls ‘Straight to the Juicy’ ads

Dalhousie’s faculty of management retired its controversial advertising slogan “Straight to the Juicy” in October after realizing its sexual and drug-related connotations. Colin Craig, the faculty’s manager of marketing and communications, says the innuendo wasn’t intentional. “We honestly weren’t aware of the double-entendre, but we were happy with how it worked out,” says Craig. In…

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Recognizing an athlete

If you’re a varsity athlete at the University of King’s College and want to wear the No. 7, you’re out of luck. The blue and white No. 7 soccer jersey of Matt Fegan is mounted to the rafters of the King’s gymnasium. Pinned in a glass frame, the jersey hangs in one corner, adjacent to…

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American beauty

If you’re a student who relies on public transportation to get where you’re going, chances are you’ve seen the ads for American Apparel at bus stops around campus. The ads are pretty standard for American Apparel: young women posing suggestively, wearing leggings and not much else. It’s a cliché to say that sex sells, and…

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