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Going nowhere and back

In 2012, Mark Black’s first bookNoMeansNo: Going Nowhere was released as a part of Invisible Publishing’s Bibliophonic music series. The non-fiction book is part chronicle of genre-defining  B.C punk band NoMeansNo, and part fan memoir of Black’s and his brother’s  teenage punk years in Cape Breton. Black is currently a student in Dalhousie’s Master of Library…

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From ironic to iconic

  The genius of the ensemble is perfect, if not intentional. Thick-rimmed old-style glasses, plaid shirt with neatly pressed folded collar, letterman cardigan, high-waisted jeans, classic oxford shoes. No, not your hipster roommate—I’m talking about a real trendsetter. Think back—way back. The name’s Urkel, Steve Urkel, and there was nothing ironic about him. He was…

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May the feminine force be with us

The fight for gender equality continues. (Photo by levork from Flickr)

Nerd culture has come a long way from its obscure past. It may even be a growing trend, but amidst this trend is an age-old gender conflict that I thought all realms of our society had started to push past. Apparently, I was wrong. The stereotype that geek girls are unattractive virgins is being replaced…

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Date me, I’m hot

To anyone who has spent some one-on-one time with a nerd late at night, it’s fairly obvious: nerds make better romantic partners. Sceptics, stand back—the evidence is in their favour. Nerds (not to be confused with geeks) are renowned for their love of obscure things, often highly technical in nature. They can be obsessive, becoming…

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Possible revenge of the nerds

Is nerdy the new cool, or does pop culture still leave the real nerds behind? (Photo supplied by Warner Bros. Television)

From The Big Bang Theory to the hipster across the hall, the image of the nerd has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. The over-the-top intellectual was once an object of stigma, but the nerd has now been elevated to newfound status in popular culture. Much like other formerly pejorative terms now used in an…

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