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When is the last time you finished a book?

In this image: a pile of open books.

Picking up a book is a hard thing to do during the semester. With all your labs, essays, and tests, where’s the time to simply read for fun?  The thing is, there is always time to read. It’s worth it to try and find it. Here are some tips to get you flipping through some pages this…

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New Year’s Day resolutions not worth it 

It’s past the most wonderful time of the year. We’ve now moved on to the most depressing time of the year. It’s around this time that most people will have given up on most (if not all) of their New Year’s resolutions.   That, combined with the euphoria of Christmas being replaced by the dread of debt and the return to work, it’s no wonder that this time…

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Dalhousie Gazette Podcast: New year, same me?

It’s an awkward time of year: 2017 is trying to be better than 2016, you might be picking your first off-campus house for next year, and you’re getting used to new classes (or continuing to die in year-long ones). Jen and Sabina get #raw about the legitimacy of New Years resolution and then give unsolicited…

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Resolution: Dress better

Did you spend one too many a day in the same threadbare, pallidly toned sweatshirt during exams? Is your blanket with sleeves starting to look like an attractive fleecy swaddling for non-couch activities? My friend, things can turn around in your sartorial life in 2014. You probably have the solutions at hand…or, more accurately, in…

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Resolution: Salad days

The battle to eat healthy begins anew each January as swathes of eager, optimistic folks full of New Year’s resolve fill farmer’s markets and organic grocery departments. Even if, like me, resolutions aren’t for you, and you’ve resigned yourself to the fluctuating waistline of Oprah and occasional Pop-Tart consumption, eating more fresh and healthy food…

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Resolution: Culture yourself

  A week from now, that New Year’s enthusiasm and exhilaration you felt as the ball dropped from 10 could be long gone. It’s the oft-noted crisis of resolution; like a New Year’s hangover, by the next morning, you’ve forgotten what it was that you were so excited about. But it isn’t too late. Hang…

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