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The Olympics are important

The slicing of skates flying across the ice. The swishing of skiers sweeping back and forth across the snow-covered mountain. Thousands of people watching in the stands. Billions watching at home. The Olympic Games is incomparable to anything else. It’s the most epic sporting event, admired from all around the world. Right now the world…

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Claire Yurkovich

Hometown: Edmonton, AB Major: Psychology, second year Proudest achievement to date: Probably making swimming through university. I qualified for Olympic trials and competed nationally for that. I’ve gone to Canadian nationals and last year I qualified for CIS. Next big thing she wants to achieve: Finishing off my degree. I’m hoping to go into education afterward. Just…

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Russia’s anti-gay laws

Canada can stand up for gay rights in many ways—boycotting should not be one of them. (Photo by Dominic Alves via Flickr)

  There have been talks, speeches, conversations, web-forums, radio shows and rallies discussing Canada’s attendance, or lack thereof, at the Sochi Winter Olympics. We’re coming down to the wire on this issue with the 2014 Games beginning on Feb. 7. We should attend. There are many sources of conflicts in Russia right now, the most…

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David Sharpe embarks on new Olympic pursuit

Dalhousie swimmer David Sharpe learned several important lessons during his successful quest for a berth in the 2012 Olympic Games. Foremost among them was the realization that a trip to the Olympics doesn’t come cheap. Set to make a return to the Games in 2016, Sharpe knew he needed to find a different method to…

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Donors live vicariously through aspiring Olympians

350 aspiring Olympians have already inquired about the microfunding platform. (Photo supplied)

Julia Rivard, a Canadian Olympic canoer and graduate of Dalhousie’s recreation administration program, may have retired from competition in 2000, but she is still finding ways to foster Olympic spirit among Canadians. Rivard’s new project, a microfunding website called, connects Canadian athletes training for the Olympics with donors who become part of the athlete’s…

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Sharpe graduates to Olympic pool

In Grade 1, David Sharpe decided that he wanted to be a swimmer. He was already playing soccer and gymnastics but he soon turned his attention to swimming full-time, joining the Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club. His mother, Helen Sharpe, remembers her son’s first race fondly. “He must have been seven or something. He swam up…

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Dal represents

Though it may not compare to his Olympic glory, kayaker Mark de Jonge, 28, was honoured to take part in this year’s football season opener at Dalhousie. “I learned that there are a bunch of engineers on the team,” he says, “so it was cool to be able to do the opening kickoff for Dal…

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Dal transfer student paddles to London

At eight years old Jason McCoombs was just a boy, paddling at the Banook Canoe Club with his friends because it looked like a lot of fun. Eleven years later, the world watched him compete in sprint canoeing for the first time at the London Olympics. Born and raised in Dartmouth, McCoombs, 19, was the…

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The road to Olympic gold

Matthew Mitcham, Australian Olympic diver and London 2012 Olympics participant, is obviously a great athlete. He is also a homosexual male. What effect do these facts have on each other? Probably more than you think. The relationship between the sports world and the gay athletes who inhabit it remains ambiguous. The majority of the 23…

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Sharpe wins national 50-metre backstroke

Dal swimmer aims for Olympics Paula Sanderson, Staff Contributor   David Sharpe defended his 50-metre backstroke title for the second year in a row at the CIS national swimming championships in Calgary two weekends ago. “There wasn’t anything super special about the race. There just weren’t any mistakes and that’s what you need to do…

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