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Olympic ceremonies

By Joel Tichinoff, Sports Editor When Canadian identity comes up, it’s time to flip to the next page. Really, who even cares? It is hard to give words to the elusive idea of Canada. Searching for Canadian identity can be like looking straight at the sun; any effort to directly examine who or what we are…

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Olympic protests draw first-time activists

By Andrew Bates, CUP Western Bureau Chief KELOWNA, B.C. (CUP) — “There’s nothing I can possibly do as one person to stop the Olympics from happening,” said Kim Larson, a UBC Okanagan student who protested the torch relay in Kelowna a month ago. “I wanted the people who went … to see the torch to think about…

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Winter Olympics worth it?

By Justin Ling, Opinions Contributor An authentic Olympic gold medal: $133. Hosting the world’s biggest sporting event: $6 billion. Cutting the department that investigates children’s deaths: priceless. As we sprint toward this year’s Olympic games, it’s worth looking at the social cost Canadians are paying to host the festivities. Many were quick to decry China’s human…

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