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Carrot Zucchini Apple Sauce Cranberry Orange Muffins

  Mi amigo Charlotte Cowan was in the midst of a physically and mentally stressful time. After she fell on the ice while walking and fractured her elbow (on her writing arm!). I decided that as a friend, I can attempt to sympathize with what that might mean for her, but due to Charlotte’s stubborn…

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Ramen Mac n’ Cheese

Ramen. Two syllables so juicy they make the mouth water. Like many of my university peers, I too have treated my lil’ taste buds to the splendour of the classic salty noodle bowl that is ramen. Mr. Noodles, Ichiban, $0.29 Compliments ramen, Thai street vendor ramen – you name it, I ate it. It’s time…

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Recipe: pumpkin beef chilli

Over the past weeks, I have been so bus with midterms that I haven’t had time to cook myself proper meals. My solution? Having frozen meals that I can easily thaw. I made this recipe last week, and I had a bunch of leftovers that I was able to freeze to help sustain me through…

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Hot chocolate for the soul

Everyone has bad days. Taking care of yourself might mean relaxing and enjoying the simple, yet comforting things in life. And what is more comforting than a decadent and very simple homemade hot chocolate? Here are five different and easy-to-make hot chocolate recipes to try out: Peppermint Hot Chocolate 1 cup milk ½ cup of…

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