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Arts vs. STEM

In this image: stock photo of robots.

After spending tens (and in the case of international students, hundreds of thousands) of dollars along with a staggering 35 thousand hours of their life, students are awarded a nice little piece of paper with their program and — it has their name on it.   After the sacrifices and investments, students expect to be successfully venturing off into…

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Encouraging African Nova Scotian teens to study STEM

Funding from the Canadian government has given a boost to non-profit organization Imhotep Legacy Academy (ILA).  Overseen by Dalhousie University, ILA aims to diversify the Nova Scotian workforce by exposing African Nova Scotian students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. The organization has been mentoring and teaching students for 16 years.  Per an announcement on Sept. 17, ILA will receive $128,160 over the course of three years from the Natural Sciences…

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Making scientific research accessible

Mary Anne White believes science belongs to everybody.  “The public has the right to know something about science. I think it’s both a right and a responsibility. [Science] enlivens our life,” said White, a chemistry professor at Dalhousie University and a recipient of the Order of Canada for her leadership in science outreach.  There are a lot of…

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Encouraging women in STEM fields

Parents, teachers and peers are unintentionally pushing young girls away from taking courses in the “STEM” field – science, technology, engineering and math – based on biases. “The myths include: if you are creative, science is not for you; boys are better at math; girls and technology don’t mix; girls want helping careers such as…

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