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Dal experiments with Gmail

By Katrina Pyne, Staff Contributor Dalhousie is putting Google to the test. The university’s alumni e-mail accounts are now hosted through Gmail, instead of through the university’s website. Dwight Fischer, assistant vice president of Information Technology Services at Dal says it’s a way of “dipping their feet in the water.” It’s a move that might see…

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Digital backwater

Ginger Coons The Link (Concordia University) MONTREAL (CUP) – When Cory Doctorow talks, the Internet listens. Doctorow is a co-editor at Boing Boing, a blog with a higher weekly readership than the Globe and Mail. He’s also a prolific author who makes all his books available for free download, including “Little Brother,” a dystopian young…

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Neutral Internet vital to innovation

It is absolutely critical that Canadians get behind open and neutral networks that don’t place restrictions on content, access or speed, said Terry Dalton, Chair of the Atlantic Canada Organization of Research Networks in Nova Scotia. He spoke at Dalhousie University on Oct. 26 in a speaker series on the future of the digital landscape.…

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One lacking program per child

I imagine that brightly coloured laptops sit in a small closet in rural Africa and slowly collect dust as the days pass. The school that owns them cannot secure power to recharge their batteries, the broken dreams of a grand philanthropist idea that was supposed to revolutionize the world. In 2005 at a conference in…

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