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I’ve been writing a lot about how recent technology has changed almost everything about music lately. I’ve talked about how it has affected the radio, how it has affected the major record labels and how it has affected bands. This week it’s all about how it has affected the listener, or, more specifically, the listening…

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The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

In our supposedly brilliant and technologically advanced modern age, we’re expected to be constantly innovating; we are meant to be perpetually critiquing and evaluating new ways of being connected faster, “better” and easier. In a true Shakespearian twist, our valiant struggle towards uniting the world in an easily traversable web of information just seems to…

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All-access pass

Whether you blame Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker for creating Napster, the recording industry for jacking up their prices, journalists and media representitives who leak albums, or the blogs that publicize them, our society is deeply and irrevocably invested in the concept of free music. With anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA postponed indefinitely, it seems…

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Satellite campuses a trend of the future?

Isaac Miao communicates with most of his class at the push of a button. He and his classmates are the first group of medical students to study at Dalhousie’s Saint John campus. Their lectures are video-conferenced, and students from each campus must activate personal microphones when speaking so their voices can be heard on the…

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Turnitin turned off

Coffee and papers, typical -- photo by Katrina Pyne

  University temporarily walks away from anti-plagiarism software     For many students, it’s a dream come true. But for many staff, it’s a nightmare. Dalhousie walked away from renewing its contract with Turnitin, a plagiarism-checking service, after claiming the company had broken the trust factor. Dwight Fischer, assistant VP of Information Technology Services at…

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New sex robot enters market

Katie Toth, Sex Columnist In January 2010, love found a new name. She’s called Roxxxy. Roxxxy was unveiled on Jan. 9 at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas by her creator and founder, Douglas Hines. The sex robot comes with a year-long subscription to her support and services network, a 24-hour helpline and an…

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Athleta ex machina

By Joel Tichinoff, Sports Editor Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza sit across from each other at the local coffee shop discussing sailing as an Olympic sport. George says it’s too easy to cheat: “You stick a small motor under the hull. They’d never check!” To which Jerry replies: “Don’t you think they’d be suspicious when boat…

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Hungry for Apple

By Leyland Cecco, Opinions Contributor A couple of weeks ago at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the most innovative, expensive and useless devices were unveiled for tech-eager buyers. While 3-D televisions made headlines, the idea of the tablet computer was at the centre of everyone’s minds. Lenovo and Hewlett Packard released touch screen…

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Managing the distance

By Kimberly Elworthy, The Cord WATERLOO, Ont. (CUP) – Love is worth a lifetime of dedication. It is the rare light at the end of the dreary tunnel on the banal journey through life. One would not have an epic love story without the necessary physical distance between two lovers challenging their devotion and tearing their…

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Yaffle may become Google of academia

By Josh Boyter, Editor in Chief The gates of the ivory tower have long been a menacing and highly protected place with watchdogs, passwords and reluctant faculty. This is all beginning to change with a highly innovative and simple idea: tear the gates down. Over the past three years, Memorial University has come up with a…

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