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Baby Boomers to Gen Z

Welcome to Dalhousie University, Generation Z.   In 2014, Maclean’s told us Gen Z-ers are “smarter than Boomers, and way more ambitious than the Millennials.”   If we believe the predictions, Gen Z will soon outnumber both. The Boomers who were born in 1950, would have started university in the late 1960s into the 1970s. While this 2018/2019 academic year marks the official integration of the Gen…

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The sensation of sexting

People are linking their sexuality to their phones. That’s the future. We’re becoming more and more involved in technology in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Digital dirty talk is so accessible and instant that getting turned on via instant messages can be part of everyday sexual prowess. “Sexting is typically defined as the transmission of sexually explicit messages, images, or photos via…

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Encouraging women in STEM fields

Parents, teachers and peers are unintentionally pushing young girls away from taking courses in the “STEM” field – science, technology, engineering and math – based on biases. “The myths include: if you are creative, science is not for you; boys are better at math; girls and technology don’t mix; girls want helping careers such as…

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The future is now

Should we disappear under the deluge of information, or risk the implications of personalized results on the internet? (Photo by Josh Fraser)

Should we disappear under the deluge of information, or risk the implications of personalized results on the internet? (Photo by Josh Fraser) Have you tried hunting for information about Ukraine lately? As with any hot topic, the internet has positively exploded on the subject, with dozens of news sites publishing page after page of reactions,…

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Life, love, and Siri

A story of moustaches and A.I. (Press image)

In 2003, dour magician David Blaine sat in a plexiglass box high over a London street for 44 days. Blaine was suspended alone above crowds of curious onlookers. It must have been exciting at first, but eventually he became a part of the scenery. People must have stopped noticing and returned to their own lonely…

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Sea change: Big things afloat at Dal

The facility houses a number of labs and project rooms (Photo by Calum Agnew)

In a quiet corner of the Studley campus, nestled between Shirreff and King’s College, some of Dal’s most exciting research is taking place. Dal has punched well above its weight in the ocean sciences for a long time. With Dal’s newest undergrad, an incredible new building, and boatloads of grant money, it’s an exciting time…

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Platforms like Wikinews allow the public to weigh in on news stories. (Alice Hebb photo)

The 21st century—the epoch of technological revolution—has given rise to a uniquely modern style of journalism.  Current event stories used to be the domain of those with formal journalistic education, but technological advances have enabled regular citizens to fulfill the role of the journalist. Modern technology empowers people to capture the nuances of their own…

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An argument for technology

More than Facebook and memes, technology has the power to change lives for the better. (Matt Glynn photo)

Technology has forever changed the world. The burning question is whether or not it has been changed for the better. The divide between tech fans and old-school traditionalists is not necessarily generational; to call it a linear issue misses the point. There are pros and cons in applying technology, yet I propose that embracing a…

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My phone can do what?

Distracting, empowering, engaging, expensive-- in the classroom, technology sets a multitude of tones. (Alice Hebb photo)

I find myself thinking “the future is now” while writing the 2013 at the top of my notebook. There’s no denying it, either—technology has become a crucial part of our daily routines. It’s no surprise that many students cannot sit through a class without updating their Twitter feed. Wouldn’t it make sense to apply students’…

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