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Introduce Yerself: a distinctly Canadian ode and farewell

There’s this scene in the new Tragically Hip concert film/documentary Long Time Running, where Gord Downie is preparing to play one of his final shows. He slowly, methodically, puts on his socks and undershirt before he slinks into a bright white metallic suit. This image of Downie – not as a frail husk – but…

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Buffalo town mourns Canadian singer Gord Downie

When news broke on Oct. 18 of Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie’s death, a public vigil had formed beside a liquor store. There was a newly-unveiled mural of the singer, appearing as he did in one of the band’s final shows – focused, confident, and brilliant as he wore a technicolour suit and white stetson.…

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Goodbye, Gord

On August 18, 2016 I cried my eyes out with 20,000 other fans of the Tragically Hip in Ottawa. We thought it would be Gord’s and the boys last kick at the can. He had told us his time was limited, but somehow, we all denied it to ourselves. Signing along was a cathartic release…

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Ben’s 10 – Grey Cup party essentials

Canada's most famous hosers will be watching the Grey Cup. Beauty, eh? (Photo supplied)

The production team here at Ben’s 10, which consists of myself and a Muppet, have had a good run this semester. We’ve helped guide people through the harsh reality of an NHL lockout, advised sports fans everywhere on what to eat and even raised awareness for a good cause through facial hair. As the term…

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