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Varma: My Brown-Eyed Girl

By Theresa Faulder, Runner-up Even in sleep, his ear is always attuned to the monotonous, electric lullaby of the freezer. At night, the sound seeps from beneath the basement door and laps its silvered water over his eyes, his nose, his mouth. He curls his body into the watery murmur like a feotus nestled in syrupy-warm…

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Stop stealing my stuff

The future of the internet Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, Current Affairs Columnist   Have you heard the howls? Online, that is. Every corner of the internet that cares about copyright infringement has been calling for a pound of flesh from a tiny little magazine called Cooks Source (sic). It’s run by a woman named Janice Griggs who…

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Fresh fiction at the library

By Meriha Beaton, Arts Contributor   Lovers of fiction joined in the Special Collections Reading Room of the Killam Library last Thursday to hear the latest works of Dalhousie students Danny Jacobs and Nicole Dixon. The young writers are both in their final year of the MLIS  program at the School of Information Management. They’ve…

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