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Felis Australis

Walking home on Edwards street,

at some twenty minutes past the midnight.


I stop and notice on the gravel,

of a kitten, small and black in my sight.


His fur was barely different

from the grass of the lawn adjacent


dappled orange in the light,

it was his activity that my attention lent.


Amidst the gravel drive he was on,

a small mouse, split open, gasped its last gasps.


The kitten knelt down, and with its jaws,

bit down onto the rodent, and in its teeth clasps.


It walked down towards me, the paws lightly landing,

onto the gravel surface, crunch, crunch, crunch


And it stared wide eyed at me, it’s eyes gleaming in the dim light,

as the teeth cracked down onto the skull, crunch, crunch.


I waited awhile, and then let it be,

letting this scene of south end violence remain in only mind,


where others would, if they searched afterwards,

would a contented feline they find.


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