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The Economist: A Story About Our Backwards Little World

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Report of the Financial Officer.

That must have felt good.

The CFO closes his folder and places the expensive black pen down diagonally across the brown manila folder, his job done.

The numbers have added up now for the CFO. This is very good news, and it means everything will go ahead exactly as planned and nobody need get any nasty calls from creditors or government regulators. Nobody likes them. Nobody.

This could all have gone very wrong, but in the end everything comes down to personnel. Personnel. The right people cost exactly the right amount of money. That makes all the little lines on the very complicated sheets add up to exactly the right number, which is very large.

The balance is all in the planning. All that is left is observation.

Dylan Matthias
Dylan Matthias
Dylan served as Editor-in-chief of the Gazette for Volume 144. He was the Sports Editor for Volume 143.

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