VIDEO: The Dalhousie Gazettro presents: “Talking to SMUdents”

VIDEO: The Dalhousie Gazettro presents:
written by Dalhousie Gazette Staff
March 20, 2014 2:57 pm

Video by Kit Moran

The Gazette’s annual satire issue is available on stands and online Friday, Mar. 21.

4 comments on “VIDEO: The Dalhousie Gazettro presents: “Talking to SMUdents”

  1. Andrew Baeumler on

    DAL can sincerly fuck off you pretentious pricks . It’s unethical to use smu students soley for a means to an end ; for the sole purpose making this video.Us smudents don’t randomly interrupt you DAL students on your campus with such a bullshit waste of time . PS , Who ever writes your articles should really learn how to write because it looks very unproffesional .

  2. Alyssa Morshead on

    I can’t believe this was actually published on this website. This is seriously taking advantage of people, only to laugh at them. I went to Dal, and you could do this exact same interview on Dal campus and get the same “dumb” answers. To whomever made this: Get your head out of your ass.
    Also it’s incredibly ironic that you’re pointing out the stupidity of another school’s students, when this isn’t anywhere close to being the “satire” you claim it to be. This is not a satire??????

  3. Random Student on

    Oh, relax folks. We here at Dal all know this is BS, but it’s a good ol’ poke nonetheless. Respond! Come at us! A little rivalry never hurt. I’d love to see a witty response video. Besides, a lot of this was poking fun at ourselves (“congratulations Mr. Jha on taking classes”…brilliant). I know it is very popular among undergrads to get outraged at everything, but seriously, have a laugh at yourselves. If you don’t, we will. In other news, congratulations to your basketball teams on dominating this year.

  4. Dylan Matthias on

    Alyssa Morshead: can you clue us in on the use of ?????? as I’m not familiar with the meaning of repeated punctuation markings. You’ve also phrased your final statement as a question, and the statement is factually incorrect.


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