‘We’ve been working at this for 15 months’: an interview with Andy Fillmore

Our newly elected Member of Parliament talks about keeping students in Nova Scotia, tuition fees, and goals for a greener Halifax

October 30, 2015

  Andy Fillmore has calloused hands. Peeking out beneath a dark blue blazer and a crisp white shirt, these work-worn hands seem out of place. But the story behind them makes a bit more sense: in the months leading up… Continue Reading

Agriculture budget’s write-offs raise questions about Dal’s financial management

May 10, 2016

Nova Scotia would report in its provincial write-offs, under the Department of Agriculture “Uncollected tuition and fees from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.“ But this line seems odd. Hasn’t the full assets of of the Agricultural College been transferred to… Continue Reading

Understanding the barred BoG meeting

Students' feelings of disenfranchisement from budget consultations made it a necessity to interrupt BOG meeting

April 21, 2016

Yesterday, amidst the protests of the BAC Report and the tuition fee increases it recommended, the Dalhousie Board of Governors was brought to a standstill. The students, interrupting the meeting by shaking boxes of KD emblazoned with the bright #rejectthereset… Continue Reading

Board of Governors, amidst protests, behind closed doors approve of BAC Tuition Increases

Meeting devolves into protests, disrupts normal procedures

April 19, 2016

UPDATED: 8:44 p.m. AST, Apr. 19 The Dalhousie Board of Governors approved tuition fee increases for the upcoming year, which means students in agriculture, pharmacy and engineering will pay more than $1000 more in tuition next year. The students’ protest… Continue Reading

“Small, but passionate”

Italian department's Student Award Ceremony shows continuing student commitment to languages at Dal

April 13, 2016

Over the past few years, Dalhousie’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences—especially languages—has suffered significant cuts from the administration and the library. On Thursday, Apr. 7, the Italian department showed that cuts or not, languages will not die at Dalhousie…. Continue Reading

Presidential Chitchat: Dan Nicholson

Last year, the Gazette sat down with the 2015/16 DSU President to see what he wanted to achieve. This is the interview.

April 03, 2016

Dalhousie Gazette: What made you decide to run for president? Dan Nicholson: If I had to narrow it down to one specific thing, I guess it was just my feeling of not personally knowing what the union was up to… Continue Reading

International Women’s Week panel portrays the complainant’s side of Ghomeshi trial

April 03, 2016

From March 7-12, International Women’s Week 2016 took place around the world. At Dalhousie, students, professors and community members saw this week as an opportunity to open the discussion up and talk about wider cultural issues – those that affect… Continue Reading

Military grade flashlight still available to public!

March 17, 2016

You know how after someone takes a picture of you at night with the flash on, it takes like 3 minutes to see properly again? Now imagine that flash is 100x brighter and it doesn’t turn off. You’d have the… Continue Reading

9 reasons President Trump deserves a 9th Term

March 17, 2016

1) Made American Great Again Americans love their founding fathers. As a nation, America has always turned to their 17th century wisdom for contemporary American issues, such as gun control and abortion. President Trump has successfully taken Americans back to… Continue Reading

Canadian Forces Solves Fat Problem

March 17, 2016

The Canadian Forces used to have a problem with it’s members being fat, but that all changed when they lowered the physical fitness requirements. “It’s amazing!” Exclaims Capt(N) Jones, base commander of CFB Halifax, “we used to have these land… Continue Reading


Cute overload! These 13 ADORABLE KITTEHS help explain next year’s budget and its potentially devastating impact on students.

March 17, 2016

It’s time to talk about next year’s budget. Yeah, we’re as excited about this as you are. This may come as a surprise, but no one likes to be the bearer of bad news, year after year. So instead of… Continue Reading

Dalhousie Faculty Association report poses budget discrepancies

Report tells different narrative than that brought forward in BAC process

March 11, 2016

The Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) recently released an update to their 2013 “Review of Dalhousie University Finances,” incorporating a new data release since their initial report. This report is an attempt from a perspective outside of the Dalhousie Administration to… Continue Reading

Bringing Awareness

Dal’s second Mental Health Awareness Week brought more attention, more organizations

March 11, 2016

Dal’s Peer Support Group, Laing House, Therapeutic Paws of Canada. These are just some of the organizations that partnered with the Mental Health Awareness Week. Spearheaded by Joanna Cohen, a ResLife advisor and Senior Residence Advisor at Risley Hall, this… Continue Reading

DSU VP Student Life: Nicolas Nguyen

March 11, 2016

Name: Nicolas Nguyen Age: 22 Hometown: Halifax, N.S. Program: Bachelor of Science, Health Promotion Relevant experience: I’ve been an O-week leader once, I’ve been on the O-week committee twice, I’ve been a Student Life leader, I am the president of… Continue Reading