In case you missed it: the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Debate

Halifax’s federal candidates debate women’s issues

September 18, 2015

On Sept. 10, the first all-candidates debate of the 2015 federal election for the Halifax riding took place. Gathered in front of a crowd of hundreds at Citadel High School’s Spatz Theatre, candidates discussed a variety of topics relating to… Continue Reading

Still no decision on University Ave. bike lanes

Proposed lanes receive criticism for damaging accessibility

October 09, 2015

In recent years, the Halifax Regional Municipality and Dalhousie University have developed a plan to implement bike lanes on campus – not without controversy. The bike lanes would be on University Avenue, between Robie and LeMarchant St., and would exclude… Continue Reading

Academics call for greater support for science

Science supporters suggested to make their voice heard in upcoming election

October 09, 2015

A panel of academics called on the public on Sept. 29 to oppose the silencing of Canadian scientists. “Ninety per cent of scientists said they were not allowed to speak freely and talk to journalists, even if it was about… Continue Reading

Saving the oceans with a camera lens

A one-on-one with photojournalist and conservation activist Cristina Mittermeier

October 09, 2015

Cristina Mittermeier is a Marine Biologist and photojournalist who specializes in portraying conservation issues and the relationship between human beings and nature. She has completed several assignments for National Geographic and is the co-founder and Executive Director of SeaLegacy, a… Continue Reading

What’s going on with the SUB?

What you can expect once the construction is done

October 09, 2015

If you’ve walked down University Avenue even once in the past few months, then you have likely seen or heard the construction on Dal’s Student Union Building (SUB). “Right now, when you are walking on University Avenue and you see… Continue Reading

A look at the Halifax Refugee Clinic

Halifax charity has local impact upon worldwide refugee crisis

October 08, 2015

Founded in 2000, the Halifax Refugee Clinic is a grassroots, not-for-profit charity that seeks to provide refugees with the support and free legal representation that they need. “Refugees are some of the most marginalized people in our communities,” says settlement… Continue Reading

Catching up with your Student Union president

Dan Nicholson chats with the Gazette about recent changes within the DSU and his plans for the year.

October 02, 2015

Gazette: You said when you were running for president that one of your main reasons for running was “not personally knowing what the union was up to or what they were doing in terms of student outreach.” How have you… Continue Reading

New facility, new fees

Dalhousie’s new fitness centre offers new fitness spaces, but will also add $180 a year in athletics fees

October 02, 2015

  Staying active at Dalhousie is going to get more expensive. Construction is starting on a fitness centre in front of the Dalplex, and Dalhousie’s website states that students will start paying a new fee for the centre as soon… Continue Reading

NSCAD Board of Governors approves leaving historic downtown campus

Reasons of Accessibility cited, plans to leave by 2019

October 02, 2015

  At the meeting of September 17th, the NSCAD University Board of Governors passed the following resolution: “Be it resolved that NSCAD management proceed with the planning of an exit strategy from the Fountain Campus facility on or before the… Continue Reading

Society profile: the Dalhousie Young Liberals

October 02, 2015

  As election day draws closer, you’ll likely see the Dalhousie Young Liberals around campus. “We are a campus club associated with Young Liberals Canada and we are here to engage students about the political process and to fight for… Continue Reading

DSU to vote on equity policy

September 30, 2015

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) will vote tonight on an Equity Policy and an Equity Hiring Policy. The equity policy “actively challenge[s] discrimination, harassment, and oppression.” The policy says an equity statement must be read aloud or posted at “all events… Continue Reading

The election comes to Halifax

Halifax candidates tackle student debt, fossil fuel divestment, Bill C-23

September 29, 2015

  The candidates for the Halifax riding sparred onstage once again yesterday evening, this time turning their attention to youth and student issues. All five candidates were present to debate: Allan Bezanson of the Marxist-Leninist Party, Irvine Carvery of the… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Political Visitors

Dalhousie has a history of hosting politicians

September 26, 2015

On September 28, the Dalhousie Student Union will be hosting an all-candidates debate on youth and student issues in the McInnes room on the second floor of the Student Union Building. You should definitely attend. To salute the brave politicians… Continue Reading

Election 2015: Platform need-to-knows

A brief summary of the four main parties’ key points

September 26, 2015

With the election coming up, you may still be asking yourself where your vote should go. To help break down the differences, let’s take a look at the bare bones of each party’s platform and see what changes they want… Continue Reading