Fountain School opens

September 12, 2014

Arts have a new home at Dal The much-anticipated Fountain School of Performing Arts opened its doors in July, considerably expanding music, theatre and film studies programs at Dalhousie. In May 2013, Dalhousie received a $10 million donation from the… Continue Reading

Why aren’t you playing: Dark Souls II

March 28, 2014

It took me six hours to reach the first boss in Dark Souls 2. During those six hours, I had died dozens of times—including once 30 seconds into the game when a hoard of plague rats devoured me before I… Continue Reading

That three-letter word: Year in review

March 28, 2014

Writing about sex often comes with its own set of challenges. Go ahead—try and find a fresh angle on something Cosmo’s already beaten to death (twice). How OK is it to use the word ‘fuck’? Is that anecdote TMI? Will… Continue Reading

Summer arts!

March 28, 2014

Haligonian summers are filled with art.  From pubs playing live music to lots of local theatre and our well-known busker festival, there’s barely enough time to do everything. You can hit up the Outeast Film Festival or the Atlantic Film… Continue Reading

What Dal should read

March 28, 2014

Something not about North America: I’m suggesting this not because I think some experiences are universal and common to all fiction, but because experiences are not universal. If, as we explored a few weeks ago, a large segment of Dal’s… Continue Reading

Dal Engineering’s folk soul

March 28, 2014

Luke Gallant, a 24 year-old singer-songwriter originally from PEI, has a sound that could turn a gathered room to stillness. His sound blends intoxicating honesty and sincerity. His soft guitar and vocals recall folk and blues, lending his music an… Continue Reading

That three-letter word: Hormonal haze

March 14, 2014

By the time she was 21, my grandmother had had three kids. Then, she didn’t have another one for another 11 years. What changed? She gained access to the Pill. For many people, hormonal birth control is something of a… Continue Reading

Catching air

March 14, 2014

Spirited away, Ponyo,  and other kid-friendly releases from the beloved Studio Ghibli  must have lured me into a comfortable, safe world of fantasy and family foibles, because the latest film from animation icon Hayao Miyazaki is a harshly real sting… Continue Reading

Seeing the invisible

March 13, 2014

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall spoke at a screening of her latest film, The Ghosts in Our Machine, last weekend in the McCain building. The World Society for the Protection of Animals’s (WSPA) Dalhousie branch organized the free event and… Continue Reading

They sang through the night

March 12, 2014

The lighting was dim thanks to a few unbroken bulbs from the chandeliers hanging overhead. It was enough to light up the stage and the faces on it, just enough to create an inviting and warm atmosphere that instantly made… Continue Reading

Final countdown

March 07, 2014

Six formidable musical opponents will face off during the final performance of the annual Dal’s Got Talent competition on Friday, Mar. 14 at the Grawood. We got to know five of these noble bards as they prepared for battle to… Continue Reading

That three-letter word: Wrapping it up

February 28, 2014

I was 14 years old the first time I encountered a condom. (Yes, it was as awkward as you imagine.) Picture a classroom full of teenagers, paired up and stationed in front of wooden penises. Nope, no bananas for us—we got as… Continue Reading

The rise and fall of Flappy Bird

February 28, 2014

We live in a post-Flappy Bird world. As Angry Birds changed mobile gaming forever, so too did Flappy Bird. Made by one man, Nguyen Ha Dong of Vietnam, in a three-day period, the little game that rocked the world took everyone… Continue Reading