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An Ode To Love & Monsters

By Joe van Wonderen

What happens if it doesn’t work?

Will we twist each other into worse versions

In this endless field of mundanity

What if I can’t show you how I feel

When there’s no asteroid, monsters or war

Will you know that I’d live for you?

I’d walk to the ends of the Earth and back

With those same pictures etched

Into the back of my eyelids

Cursing the greatest comedian

What if I scare you

When you see the worst of me

Why I’m always making new friends

Why the old ones don’t stick around

Why it’s safer inside than out

How many times until you give up

Until my name has a line through it

Until I’m a pillow talk story

When will it be easier to try and forget

When will the yearning stop

You once said you wished

That you could live inside my brain

Share my skin, be one together

If you see that it’s uglier inside than out

What will happen then

The Cold

By Joe van Wonderen

In the parking lot

Or peeking over a hill

The cold is in my thoughts

A picturesque biting still

Waiting for the truck to start

Smoking my life away

The cold is a constant part

On my insanity it does fray

Hiding in the truck

Or sneaking through the brush

It takes quite a bit of pluck

To not let your will crush

Under this frozen weight

Or let your smile wither

It is my own favourite trait

To not let the cold slither

Into my deepest heart

I remember what keeps it red

Although the frost makes me curt

You keep it from turning to lead

What I’d Give

By Victor Grincourt

What I’d give for a moment alone with you

It’s nothing new

What I’d give for a memory with you

Would you feel the same way too?

I’ve never been a dreamer 

It’ll always be a hope to see her

Her gentle whisper in my ear rang through my whole world

I thought that it might be clear, my heart wept for old

What I wouldn’t give to be held in your arms once again

What I wouldn’t give, for you then

What I’d give for all of this to be true

What I wouldn’t give, for you



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