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Changing year, changing stars, changing you

In this image: a globe.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)  Ah to be a blossoming flower. Don’t worry; this isn’t puberty round two. This year is for exploring and noticing flaws in your friendships, relationships and the pre-conceived ideas of what you thought you wanted. It may be a quiet year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change where…

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Dalhousie Cafeteria producing large amount of food waste

In this image: leftover Mezza container and wrapping on a table in the Dal Student Union Building.

Dalhousie University Food Services began to track plate waste at Howe Hall in October 2018, as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week, an annual program that encourages people to lower consumption, change behaviour and learn about their impact on the planet.  On Friday of Waste Reduction Week, the focus was specifically on food waste…

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Hollywood award shows: changing with the times?

Headshot of Daniel Kaluuya.

Hollywood awards season is in full swing. For the past few years, award shows have been highly criticized for their lack of gender and racial diversity. But this year, things are changing.  In last year’s Golden Globes best picture nominees, only one film (Get Out) starred a leading actor of colour. Many people were also…

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Warm up this winter with some Halifax Theatre

In this image: Neptune Theatre.

It’s 2019 at last; and while the snowy Halifax blues might be setting in, this season’s theatre lineup is sure to brighten those dark winter days.   Filled with plenty of homegrown talent, old favourites and even a Canadian Premiere – this theatrical season in Halifax is one not to be missed (and it can be…

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Communal art spaces “save people”

In this image: a piece of art created by Eric Diolola from Wonder'neath Art Society studio.

Whether it’s painting, writing music, or – if money’s tight – visual art with rice and soy sauce, Eric Diolola always meets his creative drive with creative action. He needs to.   “I grew up in a third world country, in the Philippines, so [art] is my passion because I can’t afford anything, to be honest,”…

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Dalhousie student goes from opera singer to DJ

Dalhousie University student, Patrick McIntosh can be seen or heard DJing at a variety of events both on and off campus. If you haven’t had the chance to see him at his soundboard, you’re missing out.  Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, he and his family first moved to Nova Scotia thirteen years ago. McIntosh played…

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Oxfam brings food insecurity awareness to Dal

The Dalhousie and King’s Oxfam Society held a hunger banquet on Nov. 22 in the Student Union Building. The society represented issues of global disparity of wealth and food inequality. “We really had no idea what to expect,” says Katie Clarke, the co-president of the society. “I think we really just wanted to get through…

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Battle of the nogs

In this image: a variety of egg nog brands.

Editor’s note: This piece was inspired by The Coast’s nog taste test from 2017.  It’s that time of year again – egg nog hit grocery store shelves around Thanksgiving and we must soak up all the noggy days we have left before the government takes it away again.  News editor Rebecca Dingwell, arts editor Jessica…

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Halifax for the holidays

In this image: the Dalhousie International Centre.

A white Christmas isn’t everyone’s dream during the holidays. While many international students enjoy studying in Halifax, it can be challenging to cope without family and friends during the break.  “This time is difficult,” said Oyshee Saha Roy, who is studying for a master’s in computer science at Dalhousie University. “It has been a long…

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Black Sheep of the Halifax music scene

Local musician Cyrus Robertson Orkish – known professionally as Cyrus R.O. – is a 21-year-old Dal student whose recently embarked on a solo musical venture.  Born and raised in Cape Breton, R.O. moved to Halifax in 2015 to study physics at Dalhousie. He grew up writing songs and playing music; he’s made a name for…

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