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Video Games

Sexism in gaming

We’re all familiar with the age-old concept of ‘damsel in distress’ and living in a society where girls are portrayed as princess’ while men are here to save us. Men dominate the online gaming world with two thirds of gamers identifying as male; there is the other third, the population who identify as female.  Sadly, in the gaming culture that has been created,…

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Female characters deserve better

It makes sense for male and female clothing to be fitted differently. There are inherent physical differences that make it so that clothing should be made to be practical and comfortable for either sex. So, from a fit perspective, it makes sense that there should be some differences between men’s’ and women’s’ clothing.  It often seems that these differences,…

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The casual sexism of nerdy men

Growing up as a nerdy boy heavily influenced by video games and space operas meant that there was very little avoiding indoctrination into casual sexism.  Other articles in this issue cover the nuts and bolts of the issue. Needlessly skimpy and sexy armour. Heroes rescuing princesses’ (or other female characters.) While these things lay the ground…

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Replay value

Last week saw the release of “The Witness,” the new game from indie developer Jonathan Blow, which has so far received positive reviews. In commemoration of the occasion, let’s look back at the game which put Blow and his studio on the map in 2008 with its inventive gameplay, interesting story, and beautiful art. Let’s…

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REPLAY VALUE: A Classic Look At Indigo Prophecy

I was shocked when I learnt that earlier this year that the decade-old game “Indigo Prophecy” (“Fahrenheit” outside North America) had been remastered for a release on Steam. The game which would lead to the developers’ later hits “Heavy Rain” and, to a lesser extent, “Beyond: Two Souls”, was one I believed to have been…

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Replay Value: Silent Hill 2

  As Halloween draws ever closer and we all want to get into a horror mood, let’s look back at one of the scariest video games to ever be released: ‘Silent Hill 2’. The concept of the Silent Hill series may seem pedestrian in that various people visit a resort town which is haunted by…

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Replay Value: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

Upon playing ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles’ for what feels like the hundredth time I immediately remember why this 1994 platformer video game is still among my favorites of all time. The gameplay, level design and replayability represent one of the high points of the genre, and the game is possibly the most polished…

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Video game review: Until Dawn (PS4)

Until Dawn, the latest offering from Supermassive Games, is billed as an “interactive drama survival horror video game.” You play as a group of teenagers who have returned to a remote cabin somewhere south of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary. It’s the anniversary of the tragic disappearance of two of their friends. Unsurprisingly to anyone…

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A Tale of Two Sons

Available on PSN, Steam, Xbox Live – $14.99 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an experience – a joyful, awe inspiring, heartbreaking experience. As the title suggests, it is the story of two brothers who must find a tree that holds healing water in order to save their ill father. Together, they journey through…

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