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Casey Meijer thinks our public education system is broken

The government already pays for mandatory schooling from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Shouldn’t they do the same for at least a bit of university education? Casey Meijer, candidate for the Halifax-Chebucto Green Party, thinks so. “Honestly, I think the biggest issue is debt, and the cost of university,” says Meijer “There’s a secondary issue in…

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Rob Batherson on the affordability of university

Two sets of footwear are needed for campaigning. A nice pair and a comfortable pair. After changing into the comfortable pair, Rob Batherson, candidate for the Halifax-Citadel PC Party sits down to talk student issues. “Affordability is the big issue, we’ve gone in the last 10 years, from having undergraduate tuition at the national level,…

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Martin Willison says education funding is unsustainable

Martin Willison is a retired Dalhousie professor who has concerns with the state of university education today. The biggest problem is, “undoubtedly the price of tuition and student debt,” says Willison. For Willison, the way to fix that is free tuition for NSCC, reduction in university tuition, and to “develop a program whereby university or…

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Glenn Walton tuition talk: Free for NSCC

A campaign is hard on a voice. Glenn Walton’s voice is quiet and raspy, he’s been doing a lot of talking. Today he’s talking about education. According to the Halifax-Citadel NDP candidate, the biggest issue facing university students? Tuition. “The cost of university, it’s not affordable for everybody,” he says. The NDP plan is to…

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Labi Kousoulis on student affairs: Jobs and Debt

Labi Kousoulis is the incumbent for Halifax – Citadel. He’s the first incumbent to be interviewed for this series. “There’s two major things university students always talk about, in order of importance I would say the number one thing they’re most worried about is getting a good job.” Says Labi Kousoulis. “They also want affordable…

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“This is a Canada problem”

On January 29, on a cold night in a small neighbourhood within Quebec City, a man known for his white supremacist views took the lives of six men after their evening prayers at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier of Quebec Philipe Couillard stated that the crime was an act of terrorism. The…

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Looking for love in all the right places

Ah, young love. Dating is college is like—who am I kidding; I’m not going to tell you what college dating is like. Dating in college has its own set of rules — ones that no one ever seems to be able to keep up with — and its own set of perks and pitfalls. Excuse…

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Dalhousie professor wins prestigious science award

It’s not every day a Dalhousie professor is awarded with a high honour, but in Jeff Dahn’s case, he has made his mark once again. Professor Dahn, a faculty member in the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences won the Herzberg Medal, including a $1 million prize. The award is presented annually by the Natural…

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How to fight against Islamophobia

It’s been a rough few months for everyone. Women and minorities have particularly felt the heat, but once Trump enacted his “Muslim ban” this past weekend, along with the shooting of six Muslims in a Quebec mosque, everyone began to understand that this a time when serious action needs to be taken in order for all…

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