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Talking bodies

Many art work implicate lust, desire, and want. Jean-Honore Fragonard’s painting “The Swing” perfectly exemplifies sexual tension, lust, want, temptation, and voyeurism. In this 18th century masterpiece, an older man pushes a young woman on a swing while a young man hides in the bushes below to catch a glimpse up her skirt as she…

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Life on the FM waves

Smooth-voiced wave surfer Hannah Witherbee. (Photo by Kit Moran)

Hannah Witherbee turns down the microphone level when she speaks. She capitalizes certain words on the pre-written speech she’s delivering. She gives the cap letters the loudness they deserve, even after seven hours of sitting in the 101.3 The Bounce studio. “I find when my voice is louder,” the Dalhousie student and radio host said,…

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Let’s stART at the very beginning

Karen Gross, left, and Alanna Griffin are giving student artists a head start. (Photo by Claire Waque)

Alanna Griffin and Karen Gross know that a career in the arts requires ingenuity and creativity for survival. The two Dalhousie and King’s honours students in theatre have taken the future into their own hands and organized the stART festival, a multi-institutional interdisciplinary arts showcase featuring spoken word, theatre, visual and literary art pieces premiering…

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Painter’s Valhalla

Another 20-minute masterpiece. (Photo by Erin Olejnik)

The fresh paint is slathered on in sweeping strokes, bright and livid in the dark room. The painter takes a step back and quickly resumes; time is running out. A wall of eager observers bustle and chatter between canvases as music blazes from wall-mounted speakers. Here, at Art Battle, the act of painting is comparable…

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Ondaatje speaks at annual lecture

Award-winning author Michael Ondaatje presented this year’s Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture, “Mongrel Art: A Discussion of Literature and its Neighbours,” on Nov. 14 at the University of King’s College. The father of former King’s student Alex Fountain spoke briefly about his late son, who valued inclusiveness above all else. Fountain said the goal with his…

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Why aren’t you playing: Gone Home

I feel I must punctuate the beginning of this review with a stern warning that continuing beyond this first paragraph may rob you of an incredible experience. Thus is the nature of Gone Home, by The Fullbright Company. It is the expectations you go in with against the actuality of what happens that elevate this…

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Entrancing En-Trails

Artwork: Brenna Lord (Andrew Mills photo)

  Plan B Merchants Co-op is showcasing the work of self-taught artists such as Brenna Lord, whose exhibition En-Trails is now gracing the walls, until February. This is Lord’s first time showing her work publicly in Halifax, but it won’t be her last. The artist’s work is a reflection of surroundings, spontaneously created without initial limitations.…

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Art Battle 41

Easel freestyles. (Photo supplied)

    In the center of the black room, four easels and four blank canvases sit under a spotlight. A crowd assembles, shying from the light and the easels, and the first of the night’s 12 combatants get set under a canvas to wait for countdown. At the Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax’s first Art Battle…

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