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Status update

When we compose words, pictures and symbols to convey our thoughts, we are engaging in authorship (photo by Mel Hattie)

When we compose words, pictures and symbols to convey our thoughts, we are engaging in authorship (photo by Mel Hattie) Last week, a dating site mistakenly used a photo of Rehtaeh Parsons to promote their product on Facebook. This unwitting error and zealous media attention means tons of people were reminded just how vulnerable we…

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Mi’kmaq History Month events begin

October 1—Treaty Day—marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia. A month dedicated to Mi’kmaq origins and awareness, dozens of events are organized each year in order to promote public education about Mi’kmaq culture and heritage. The Mi’kmaq, a First Nations people, are indigenous to all of Canada‘s Maritime Provinces, as well as areas within Quebec, in what…

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Q&A with Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May, leader of the federal Green party and lifetime environmental activist, was on campus earlier this month. She was a panelist at ‘The Afterparty: A Discussion on the Future of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada’ and a guest speaker at the Stand Up for Science rally. The Dal law school graduate sat down with her…

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Get on the job train

Doesn’t this place look magical? (Photo by Samantha Elmsley)

I threw caution to the wind this summer. I let my lifeguarding qualifications, last bastion of financial security, expire in June. I did not apply to any camp jobs. Instead, I hopped into my partner’s yellow Ford Focus, and drove up north to the Yukon. Destination: Dawson City. With every passing mile, we left the…

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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy. (Submitted photo)

Alumni Spotlight is a series of interviews conducted with members of the Dalhousie Alumni Association. Emily Murphy Nickname: Murph! (With an exclamation mark.) You have to yell it when you say it because people only ever yelled it. Class of ‘05 Bachelor of commerce (international business) Current role: Administrative assistant on the development team at…

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Ben’s 10 – Grey Cup party essentials

Canada's most famous hosers will be watching the Grey Cup. Beauty, eh? (Photo supplied)

The production team here at Ben’s 10, which consists of myself and a Muppet, have had a good run this semester. We’ve helped guide people through the harsh reality of an NHL lockout, advised sports fans everywhere on what to eat and even raised awareness for a good cause through facial hair. As the term…

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Traveling as work

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My job smells like mildewing cushions, Axe deodorant, and stale urine. It sounds like Drake over cell phone speakers, tastes like maple syrup and instant coffee and looks like a goofball dressed in bright colours leading 40 preteens through Quebec City. For the past two springs I have been employed as an educational tour guide.…

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